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S+RO 2016/4: Free!
This issue of S+RO is devoted to recreation and how it has changed in recent years. Nowadays people often work in the places where they live and recreate them in places that were used for work. This is the final issue designed by Kismanstudio. Cover art: Max Kisman

S+RO 2016/3: Urban Agenda

S+RO 2016/2: New mobility
(2016_0429) The demands for mobility change. Cities grow, in other places shrinking, aging and new (urban) lifestyles occur. Cars are cleaner and new developments of car sharing arise. Yet it seems thats some of these changes take longer than we wish. Cover art: Max Kisman

(2016_0910) For a long time the urgency has been felt globally. New agendas with ideas and arrangements for urban problems and for harnessing the urban power must come soon. Cover art: Max Kisman

S+RO 2016/1: Healthy city
(2016_0301) Which tasks have the cities in the twenty-first century when it comes to health? There is a lot of knowledge and ambition to make life in cities healthier: encouraging exercise, walking, running, games, bicycles and sports; reducing polluting emissions; improving the quality of systems for heating and ventilation; food and variation.
Cover art: Max Kisman

S+RO 2015/5:
Year of Space 2015
Due to publishers policies, this was meant to be last issue directed and designed by Kismanstudio. In these five years, I have fruitfully collaborated with content editor Denise Vrolijk, designer Franciska Vijn and designer Joost Verhaak to produce this wonderful magazine. Cover art: Max Kisman

2015 sro1 cover
(2105_1214) In 2040, the Netherlands must become ’coolest' metropolis of the world. That is the first line of the “Manifesto 2040”, published in the context of the Year of Space 2015. If we want to enjoy a green, safe, prosperous and circular environment in 2040 then we need to get started now the Manifesto advises. Action is needed on many fronts, but mainly about a new spatial look. One that looks beyond fences, beyond our own interests and from an international perspective. Cover art: Max Kisman

S+RO 2015/4: World heritage
2015 sro1 cover

(2015_1101) World heritage increasingly interferes with urban planning. It is one of the few tasks where the central government in the Netherlands is still responsible for, but locally as well its influence increases. The protected status not only creates rights and obligations, but also opens new doors. Cover art: Max Kisman

S+RO 2015/3:
Tomorrow's city
2015 sro1 cover
(2015_0808) Populations pull to and from the city. In recent years, several groups move back toward the city. The city is popular again with young adults, young families, educated and creative people. What effects do these demographic trends have on the spatial and economic development of cities? Cover art: Max Kisman

S+RO 2014/3: Young city
sro3 cover
(2013_0620) After the Grey City, the Young City. There are increasingly more children in the cities. Young families remain 'stuck' in their home town because they can’t fund a house in the suburbs, but many choose deliberately to raise their children in the city. Cover art: Max Kisman

S+RO 2014/2: Rotterdam
sro2 cover
(2013_0620) Contemporary issues of the most 'modern city' of the Netherlands. The direct influence of local politics on urban development is often overestimated. That has been stronger in the past, and certainly in Rotterdam. Cover art: Max Kisman.

S+RO 2014/1: Grey city
sro1 cover
(2013_0620) Over the past half century, life expectancy has increased by an average of 2.5 years per decade. That is an increase of six hours per day. When reading this magazine with an average reading speed of two hours, your life expectancy increases with half an hour! Cover art: Max Kisman.

S+RO 2015/2: Inner city

2015 sro1 cover
2015_0601) What is the function of the town center in the city of tomorrow? Is there such a thing as a program of requirements for a well-functioning city? The inner city is becoming an experience. A meeting spacenwith urban events, festivals, restaurants, cultural hotspots and (inter) national visitors.

S+RO 2015/1:
Agglomeration strength
2015 sro1 cover
(2015_0318) The Netherlands does not really have big cities. To participate internationally, we can choose: let either one city grow even greater or let medium-sized cities connect with each other stronger so that they jointly can offer more agglomeration strength and function as one city. Cover art: Max Kisman

S+RO 2014/5: Airport City
sro3 cover
Due to lack of space and inconvenience of air and rail stations and airports were built on the edges of cities. The growth of the city on the one hand and the appeal of the transport interchanges on the other stations and airports become increasingly intertwined in urban structures. Cover art: Max Kisman

S+RO 2014/4: The crisis past
sro3 cover
(2013_1001) Who makes the city, must make the city and how should it be addressed? All this against the background of not only between different roles of the parties, as well an urban condition that senses the consequences of the crisis, yet deals with a certain renaissance, strong population growth, a new economy. Cover art: Max Kisman
S+RO 2013/6: Blue Economy
sro6 cover
(2013_1215) Sustainability changes its colors. Green into blue. It is smarter using locally available materials, resources, energy, labor and natural techniques. Cover art: Max Kisman.

S+RO 2013/5: Smart Cities

(2013_1102) Smart people make smart cities. Cover art by Max Kisman.
More info:

S+RO 2013/4: City Streets

(2013_1102) September issue of S+RO on decline and rice of the city street. Coverart by Max Kisman. More info:

S+RO 2013/3: TOD

(2013_0705) If we look at the spatial patterns in The Netherlands, we see polycentric urban regions. Looking at thetransport networks there is an under-utilization and they could function much better. Coverart by Kismanstudio. More info:

S+RO 2013/2: New Towns

(2013_0401) Newtowns in the Netherlands. Cover art by Lust. More info:

S+RO 2013/1: City 2033

(2013_0201) How cities will evolve in the future. Cover art by Frederique Ruys, Vizualism. More info:

S+RO 2012/6: Metropolitan region Amsterdam

(2012_1223) The economic strength, an attractive investment climate, the quality of life and international air connections score high on lists of metropolitan values. Where does the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area stand in this competitive field of metropolises? Cover art by Niels Schrader/Mind Design. More info:

S+RO 2012/5: Water

(2012_1024) S+RO 5 October 2012 issue: Water Netherlands and the water, it's an interesting history. What does the future hold for the Netherlands? Cover art by Joost Grootens Studio. More info:
S+RO 2012/4: Number cities

(2012_0822) S+RO 4 August 2012 issue. The summer issue of S+RO covers urbanism in figures. Numbers play an increasingly important role in urban planning and research based on statistics and about parametric urban design. Cover art by Catalog Tree. More info:

S+RO 2012/3: Bicycle

(2012_0620) S+RO 3 June 2012 issue. The explosive use of bicycles in cities and towns demand for better planning and flexible policies for infrastructure and the cyclists themselves. Cover art by Kismanstudio. More info:

S+RO 2012/2: In between

(2012_0430) S+RO 2 April 2012 issue. Improvised experiments in between marginal urban development and institutional city planning. Cover art by Kismanstudio. More info:

S+RO 2012/1: Olympic Cities

(2012_0430) S+RO 1 February 2012 issue. Pains and pleasures of sports and economics. Why cities want the Olympics so bad. Cover art by Kismanstudio. More info:

S+RO 2011/5: SVIR

(2011_1130) S+RO 5 DECEMBER 2011 issue: BRSAINPORT EINDHOVEN. Eindhoven is booming! In a radius of forty kilometers around the city are most prolific Dutch companies and institutes of technology and knowledge. Cover art by Kismanstudio. More info:

S+RO 2011/5: SVIR

(2011_1021) S+RO 5 October 2011 issue: Excitement in the professional world. After the National Planning Department is now the Ministry of Housing lifted and there is a Structural Design and Infrastructure Area (SVIR) that breaks with the familiar, famous Dutch spatial planning around a Randstad and Green Heart. Cover art by Kismanstudio. More info:

S+RO 2011/4: Scary City

(2011_0824) S+RO 4 September 2011 issue. Strategies on safety and securuty in urban planning, infrastucture and spacial structures. Cover art by Kismanstudio. More info:

S+RO 2011/3: Bruxelles

(2011_0702) S+RO 3 Juli 2011 issue on the urban development of Buruxelles. Cover art by Kismanstudio. More info:
  S+RO 2011/2: Europe

2010_0702) S+RO 2 April 2011 issue on European infrastructures and collaborations. Cover art by Kismanstudio.

S+RO 2011/1: CrisisSRO6_cover

(2010_0224) S+RO 1 Februari 2011 issue covers the current effect of the crisis on future urban planning and development with a variety of studies and info graphics Cover art by Kismanstudio.

S+RO 2010/6:
Future of planning


(2010_1210) S+RO 6 December Christmas issue: Silver on black and white. Nocturnal city lights of north west Europe, birds view. The future of Spatial planning in the Eurodelta.

S+RO 2010/5: Food


(2010_1009) S+RO 5 November issue. Food. Urban agriculture. How do we feed cities? Cover art by Kismanstudio.

S+RO 2010/4:
Economy & space


(2010_0809) S+RO 4. Economics and space. Economical growth has always been the financial force behind many urban and environmental developments. Cover art by Kismanstudio.

S+RO 2010/3: We city


(2010_0610) S+RO 3. Urban planning should be bottom up, social groups are more than participation and lobby clubs, acting effectively as principals in area development. Cover art by Kismanstudio.

S+RO 2010/2: Mega cities


(2010_0411)S+RO 2. The impact of mega cities world wide.Cover art by Kismanstudio.

S+RO 2010/1: Trends


2010_0210) Joost Verhaak and I restyled Dutch S+RO magazine on city planning and urban development as KismanVerhaak. The new design uses Typemafia's Actium and the custom designed City Wire, brightly coloured infographics and great photography. Launched in March 2010. Cover art by Joost Verhaak.

Copy and images ©2010 Max Kisman/Kismanstudio