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Vlinder wijst de weg
A children's book

Sam flies. The wind whizzes in his ears. He lands in a clearing in the woods. There he sees a butterfly that glows. When he chases the butterfly, he gets lost. You're not lost though, a bear, a whale and a raven say, Butterfly always points the right way. They take him on an adventure until he comes back to where his journey began.

This first limited edition will be released in Dutch on the occasion of the exhibition 'Forever young - Fiep Westendorp and Max Kisman' in WG Kunst in Amsterdam, 17 September - 30 October 2016

32 pages, hardcover, 21x21 cm
Two color offset, blue en red
Published by Bykisman
ISBN NL: 978-90-823058-2-1
NUR 271
125 regular copies, 75 numbered and signed with unique signed Kisman riso print.
Prices regular issue €17,50, special €27,50.
Will be available from 17 september 2016 during the exhibition and at

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